How to Improve Writing Skills

How to Improve Writing Skills

Teacher: Thou Sereyvuth


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Writing expresses and communicates your ideas by means of creating pieces of written work. Do you enjoy writing? Is it an interesting activity for you? Needless to say, writing in one’s first language is a piece of cake; however, when it comes to penning something in a foreign language, some may find it hard that they may be poor in their targeted language, or they do not get familiar with writing and therefore decide to leave halfway through or give up their own writing. As a result, they are much less likely to stay motivated. Enriching your writing skill in a foreign language is not as hard as you have expected. Here are some tips you can learn to improve it.


First, you can gather up information to write in terms of your own interests. If you love reading, or you prefer watching videos, going on YouTube or surfing the Net, you should invest your time in it. Are they entertaining you? That is great if yes but ask yourself if they are really worth learning in return. You can repeat what you hear, note down the difficult words or phrases and look them up in your dictionary. When you want to write on a particular topic, you can first discover some information to reach an understanding; hence, you can get the insights into the interesting subjects. Knowing what you want to do as a hobby and use it wisely is a method to help broaden the vocabulary as well as the knowledge in the targeted language.


Second, you will improve nothing if you are heedless of writing. Why don’t you avail yourself of the opportunity to write down some amazing, surprising or saddening moments you had this morning? Making a daily journal can help develop your writing skill and build up your motivation, for instance. This would make you think faster, expand the use of words and your thoughts. You should not frustrate yourself that you are making a lot of mistakes in your piece of writing. When you try to think a lot about the content, spellings and grammatical errors while writing, you cannot put your mind to it at all, or it can lead to losing your enthusiasm. It is better if you draft your own writing and you can check up the mistakes after it is done. In addition, getting your writing edited is the good path that can better your writing. Do not be shy to approach people to edit your writing. Getting your writing edited by your friends who have a good command of the English language or by your teacher is a right choice that brings you success.


Third, learning and practicing the grammar and sentence structure can develop your writing skills. Not everyone feels confident enough to write when they are clueless to make correct sentence structure. It is effective to read and practice the structural rules on a regular basis. There are so many good and reliable websites, books, videos on YouTube relevant to the practice of grammar that you can look for. Nevertheless, you should learn the grammatical structure of the sentences that suits your language capability.


To sum up, the aforementioned reasons that have been described are the methods of excelling yourself in writing skills in the foreign language. You need to stay motivated and should make your writing one of your favorite hobbies. “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”

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