CAM-ASEAN organized a study tour to Kids City CAMBODIA-ASEAN International
  Young Leaner Program (YLP) of Cambodia-ASEAN International School is
How to Improve Writing Skills Teacher: Thou Sereyvuth Writing expresses
Effective and efficient ways of learning English grammar Teacher: Someth
CAM-ASEAN Textbook “New Total English” Teacher Chiv Sorida It has
  CAM-ASEAN signed MoU with EDI Cambodia Yann Aoudourm,
CAM-ASEAN organized a field trip for our young learners to
  Practical Preparations for BAC II, 2017 Sary Vongcheng
CAM-ASEAN visited 10 high schools in Phnom Penh Vongcheng Sary


CAM-ASEAN has been founded to meet the needs of Cambodia’s youth to achieve fluency in the English language and to best prepare them for integration into the ASEAN community.