Group lecture on American National Security Strategy hosted by the
CAM-ASEAN Integrated Trip Monica Mao On 16 July 2017,
  Practical Preparations for BAC II, 2017 Sary Vongcheng
CAM-ASEAN organized a study tour to Kids City CAMBODIA-ASEAN International
  CAM-ASEAN signed MoU with EDI Cambodia Yann Aoudourm,
CAM-ASEAN visited 10 high schools in Phnom Penh Vongcheng Sary
CAM-ASEAN Textbook “New Total English” Teacher Chiv Sorida It has
Major orientation is an event organized on September 14th, 2018
Studies in Australia and its focus in Cambodia Studies in


CAM-ASEAN has been founded to meet the needs of Cambodia’s youth to achieve fluency in the English language and to best prepare them for integration into the ASEAN community.