What is Premium Membership Card?

Premium Membership Card refers to our business partners cooperated with CAM-ASEAN by providing special discount rate to all CAM-ASEAN Student and staff. Those business can be recognized by the “Premium Membership Card” sign in their shops.

All CAM-ASEAN Student will receive special discount from 10% to 50% from our CAM-ASEAN Partners by using Premium Membership Card for bill payment or just showing Premium Membership Card.

How to get Premium Membership Card?

  • You can come to customer service to request for a Premium Membership Card if you already study with us 4 terms.

  • If you are not in first condition, you register to study for 2 programs and get Premium Membership Card. For example: study Chines program and English program.

  • No worry if you are not in both conditions above you just register for 2 terms or more you will be able to get a Premium Membership Card too.

Offer 5% brand only:



For More Information please contact 023 976 999 or come to visit our customer service.