Effective and efficient ways of learning English grammar

Effective and efficient ways of learning English grammar

Teacher: Someth Socheata


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When it comes to learning English, being fluent in speaking and knowing an abundance of words may not be sufficient. Being a language fluent is not the learners’ ultimate goal but being a language competent is.  Hence, mastering a language requires learners’ time and effort in comprehending how the language they learn is structurally and grammatically different from their mother-tongue language. Also, learners should give an utmost importance of learning grammar since it is the fundamental principle of improving their language proficiency. In accordance with this, the four crucial tips of learning grammar effectively and efficiently will be elaborated as the followings.

Firstly, we all should be aware of the structures, forms and tenses of how a language is applied.  Learners should be able to identify the three elements which are subject, verb and object in each sentence. Then they should be cautious about the changes of singular nouns to plural nouns. Also, they should be flexible of using verb is 3 tenses, which are past, present and future tense.

Secondly, to make the first tip work, learners should spend their time on practicing on various exercises either online or in the books. The more often they practice doing exercises, the better they improve their learning. By doing tons of grammar exercise, learners can help themselves memorize the rules of grammar, and they will be more confident of applying what they have practiced to the usage of the language.

Thirdly, to make their practice of doing grammar worthy, they should invest their time in reading English newspapers, articles and novels. As for reading, leaners can get themselves exposed to the varieties of sentence structures in the authors’ composition, and they can also witness how grammar is properly used in every article the read. Time spent on reading will gradually enrich learners’ capacity of analyzing the meanings conveyed in articles better.

Last but not least, learners should make a great outcome of what they have learnt from the three tips above. Thus, they should get themselves engaged in writing. As the second language learners, they should have a habit of writing daily so as to remind them of what they have learnt. Henceforth, it is advisable that learners should have their own diary book so that they can produce a great outcome of what they attentively leant and practiced. To sum up, learning grammar effectively and efficiently is rooted in the awareness of structures, forms and tense, practicing grammar exercise, reading and writing.

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