CAM-ASEAN visited 10 high schools in Phnom Penh

CAM-ASEAN visited 10 high schools in Phnom Penh

Vongcheng Sary

Recently, CAM-ASEAN visited 10 high schools in Phnom Penh, including Toul Svay Prey, Beoung Trobek, Wat Koh, Preah Yu Kunthor, Toul Tom Pong, Bak Touk, Sisowat, Sasmki, Entrak Devy and
Wat Phnom high schools.

CAM-ASEAN has always wanted to encourage and


CAM-ASEAN President is sharing with students on the status quo of ASEAN, Sisowat high school

share young people about self-preparation for study, scholarships oversea, and

During those visits, there were approximately 2,655 student directly involved

later contact the school whenever they need help. After presentations, many

ahead and registered for the exam straight away. Another group of students who are

available opportunities for younger generation.

Those visits are results of its wish and attempted to encourage all the students to put their effort and top priorities on studying, and be prepared for upcoming BACII exam and scholar-ship opportunities.


Students are questioning at the booth, Toul Tompong high school

passionate about getting a good grade or becoming an outstanding bought the tickets to join the event.

There was a noticeable in a development of a good relationship between high school principals, teachers and institute’s staffs.

“It is an amazing to know

With that, an outstanding knowledgeable and very experienced speaker, Mr. Seang Sopagna, President of CAM-ASEAN, shared about

asking multiple questions and related information at the set booths. Some of them took applications for scholarship and flyers for students

raised up a lot of good questions relating to topics. For those who are interested in a scholarship at the insti-tute, they went

about the recent changes in ASEAN community, and I felt like it was a real eye-opening,” Sothearith, Eang a grade 12 student

the status quo of the ASEAN communities and related opportunities for youth.
Brought along tickets for Practical Preparations for BACII to be hosted on July 9 for students and critical information about study, CAM-ASEAN set up several booths at those high schools to provide.


Students are paying attention to speakers, Bak Touk high school

from Samaki High school.

In short, CAM-ASEAN ‘s fruitfully conducted the visits to high schools for sharing about scholarship and ASEAN community, which is really essentials for Cambodian students to prepare themselves for becoming an outstanding student and active youth of Kingdom of Cambodia.

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