CAM-ASEAN Integrated Trip

CAM-ASEAN Integrated Trip

Monica Mao
On 16 July 2017, CAM-ASEAN materialized the second integrated trip to Trapangsangke which is a communnity based ecoto- urism site, located at Kampot Province.
More than 30 participants including staffs, teachers and students who are the poten-tial contestants for the high school speaking contest 2017, an annual event, organized by the CAM-ASEAN.


Participants are planning mangrove trees at the Trapangsangke Community Based Eco-tourist site

The main purpose of this trip is to build friendship, team work and leadership skills between teachers, staffs and students. All of the students were directed to the site for facilitating

them to learn and observe the ecological system in the community based site through experiencing and planting mangroves.
Moreover, it also offered students an opportunity to

discover another part of Cam-bodia and something exciting which they were able to have some fun and feel more relax after their hard academic work. Last but not least, it should be considered as a significant

trip to encourage all of the contestants as well as the winners of a competition for being part of CAM-ASEAN and their efforts put forward.

On trip day it departed at 6:30 AM and arrived at 11:00 AM. Students and the


Students are playing team building activities, Trapangsangke Community Based Eco-tourist site

rest enjoyed throwing their eyes around the very fresh environment since it seems to be covered by a large amount of mangrove forest.
Then, they were riding on a big boat to a spot where they are going to plant the mangroves. Even though it was raining on that day, the trip went happily and harmoniously. After those mangroves planted, they backed for lunch.

Next, there were a lot of activities which were not only for entertainment but also to provide them some crucial experience to learn like team building and flexibility.
Lastly, for the one who won the game, there were also rewards to somehow encourage them for their other friends cooperation in playing as a team.
“This trip is unforgettable and amazing since I have come to know instructors, staffs and


Getting on boat activities, Trapangsangke Community Based Eco-tourist site

closer and other fabulous activities,” Ms. Socheata Pok, one of contestants of the high school speaking

contest 2017, said. She also added that it was her first time being there and she certainly appreciated

CAM-ASEAN for such marvelous trip for young people to build up their capacity through a diverse

improved,” a villager of Trapangsangke said.
To sum up, the trip was a very crucial which vividly


Riding boat at Trapangsangke Community Based Eco-tourist site

aspects and having fun at the same time. “I believe this will be remembered, talked, and shared to other young people throughout our lifetime,” she said.
“Thank you so much for coming and supporting our living standard here. Without tourists and you, this community won’t be

helps students and society since there are more than 400 families, who benefit from tourists. It is
who live there were glad to see people go there and help them in terms of promoting the community and their business for their daily lives as well.


“I believe this

trip will be


talked, and

shared to other

young peopl

throughout our



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