CAM-ASEAN Students Visited US Embassy in Phnom Penh

CAM-ASEAN Students Visited US Embassy in Phnom Penh

Hak Lyhour
On August 04, 2017 there was a good memorable, experience and beneficial study tour provided for students of CAM-ASEAN to visit the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh.
The study tour proposed by CAM-ASEAN Student Union (CASU), facilitated by the Center for ASEAN Studies, and supported by


Mr. Jeremy Ventuso, Political Officer & Second Secretary, is talking about US-ASEAN relations

CAM-ASEAN. Mr. Yann Aoudourm, head of CAS and Mr. Phoung Dalen Phin, Deputy Head of Academic Affairs headed the study tour.
Totaled of the 34 students from different levels and majors registered for the tour and it was given the top priority to all students of CAM-ASEAN.
“Being a CAM-ASEAN student, in my mind, who passionately wants to take part in such study tour, I am literally delighted by the given opportunity and

significant purposes of the study tour,” Lyhour Hak, Vice-President of CASU said.
The study tour attempts at giving students a chance to visit the Information Resource Center (IRC), and listen to sharing about the ASEAN-US relations and educational programs provided by the US every year.
Mr. Jeremy Ventuso, the Political Officer of the US embassy said that the US has had fine relations with ASEAN for over the past

40 years. In a few days to come, the US will join the ASEAN Submit in the Manila, Philippines.
In ASEAN, the US is still focusing on anti-terrorism and rebuilding American images for its alliances.
Interestingly, there was a discussion on educational opportunities for students to study at the States. This part received the multiple questions and engagement from the students much. The programs presented were Fulbright, Global UGRAD, YSEALY and a few others.

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“From my point of view, I felt like I can develop my perspectives towards the worldwide information on the US government”,


“I would say that there is so worth for students who are doing researches on US foreign policy because they could broaden their understanding about the relations and the presence of the U.S. President in
ASEAN Summit, Manila city of the Philippines.

Hak Layhour said. Cambodian youth is welcomed for the visit of IRC and embassy. In short, it is substantially significant for students to open their mind and eyes to the foreign policy and the educational programs given by the US. Students expect to join next time.

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