Youth roles in promoting Cambodian culture in ASEAN

Youth roles in promoting Cambodian culture in ASEAN

Dahlia Phalla
Cambodia is commonly known as a country where suffered from the mass atrocity, spanned through almost a half-decade and lost more than 2 million of Cambodians. Not only lives lost, physical infras-tructure destroyed, mental affected, but also religion that is source of scholars was targeted.
Those despite are all gone


Dahlia Phalla was at the Global YEA of Youth (5th if counted form the left, female in white shirt)

but they still remembered and learnt to not repeat its historical trauma. With all of these, Cambodians are recognizing the pivotal of a responsibility to protect the reoccurrence of such mass atrocity.
New generations set their eyes on the regional and global stages for earning again the recognition and glorious reputation as we are now reaching the age of globalization and tech.

With as such eye-setting, youth play an important role in restructuring and reengineering Cambodia reputation to a new level.

Culturally, youth is agent to spread traditions, ideas, customs and other values to anywhere they go.

Youth should play a role as a cultural container or mould to Cambodianize any foreign culture, ideas, customs and others values

for preserving Cambodian culture. They also should see themselves as a main source of developing the cultural value in a fashion that does not compromise the cultural identity.
There’ s been a reformation of Cambodia's education system in late 2014 when H.E. Dr. HANG Choun Naron appointed to lead MoEYS. A deep reform is taken place that includes the zero corruption during

the national exams and its process and increases the level of difficulty in tests.

Students are encouraged to partake in a number of extracurricular activities, and exchange programs abroad in order to develop talents or interests and to better understand of other cultures and traditions.

This is an example of how Cambodia shapes its new generation and enhances


the capability in bringing them to the ASEAN stage and promoting Cambodia and its culture once again as a greater level.
Young people must not be so arrogant, yet they shall encourage, appreciate and value the one another and culture for restructuring a strong foundational core before we can project our value to the global arena.

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