Establishment of CAM-ASEAN Student Union

Establishment of CAM-ASEAN Student Union

Chea Sotha Rith

With a catchy motto “Our Heart’s in Education”, CAM-ASEAN sets its top priority on advancing the quality by providing both macro language and soft skills through conducting various conference, work-shops, seminars, competi-tions, leadership and other


Eligible voters were casting their ballots at the ballot station

after voting ended. The purpose of founding this association is to assist the students with any sorts of difficulty they are facing during their learning span at CAM-ASEAN.

CASU is focusing on two main programs: 1) Student Improvement Program (SIP) and Community Improve-ment Program (CIP). The SIP attempts

trainings for students and youth.
Recently, it’s established a CAM-ASEAN Student Union (CASU), a platform to build students’ ability, and leadership throughout their learning periods at

CAM-ASEAN. The result and election process were seen to have been fair and just since it was open and transparent enough to all candidates. They all were given equivalent time and opportunity to stand for

candidates, run campaigns and witness ballots, being counted. There were more than 65 % of entire CAM-ASEAN students casted ballots in the Presidential Election and the ballots was counted immediately

to cultivate students’ competency and soft skills on-campuses by forming the learning clubs and dealing any problems students may have during their academic journey at school.

The CIP will give student opportunities to see, help and experience voluntary work in communities and rural areas.
The two programs would build their soft skills for ASEAN job market in the future. CASU’s been established for about four months and they’ve been an energetic team; they will be able to accomplish a fantastic job

Mr. Chea Sotha Rith, the elected president said that he has learned numerous different things; the most important one is that he is being equipped necessary skills to serve people and that is exciting factor he has found being the first president of CASU.

“No Promises,
Only Results”


Mr. Chea Sotha Rith delivering a speech in presidential debate

 in months to come.
To encourage CASU, Mr. Yann Aoudourm, initiator and Head of Center for ASEAN Studies said that,

“Leadership is

built, not given

by anyone nor


Although he is young, his self-determination counts. Eye-catching and mindful campaign slogans helped him become the president. Observably, two of them were “No promises, only results” and “Age is just a number.” All these didn’t come with imagination, it does come with effort.

Sotha Rith expressed his deep thank to voters for giving a chance to serve students, learn and grow as a good leader.
“Age is
just a number”
Hak Lyhour elected Vice-President humbly said, “We would work together to help our students to best our ability.” The first mandate will last one year

and outstanding students and those committed are encouraged to stand for presidential candidates in the next mandate because you’re not just learning to become a leader but also working in a professional pat and inspiring others’ life. Mr. Seang Sopagna, CAM-ASEAN’ President, congratulates CASU team and reaffirms his fullest commitment to aid CASU at all means.

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