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SHE CAN: Cambodian Scholars 2018

Deadline: Nov 01, 2017
SHE CAN scholarship is opening now for young Cambodian women. It is to equip and empower young women from postconflict


nations to become leaders who could change their nations.

Sources reveals women as key to ushering peace, prosperity, and women’s rights into the developing world, however repressive cultural attitudes and lack of higher education avert them from challenging the system. SHE CAN gives them opportunities to help themselves and society via scholarship to study in

the US. It has gradually increased the number of scholars accepted into the program each year and in 2014, it was expanded to Cambodia.
As of Fall 2016, a total of 28 young female leaders, with the support of 100+ successful U.S. women as their mentors, have won full-ride scholarships to top schools like Lehigh, Lafayette, Bennington, Whitman, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Smith, Scripps,

Oberlin, Bucknell and many more.

Those selected will have to attend the preparation programs including ACT, TOEFL or IELTS. Those who perform well are matched with 4 to 6 experienced women in the States to “mentor” them throughout the process of applying for scholarships at US colleges.

SHE-CAN just doesn’t award scholarships, and

being accepted into SHE-CAN does not mean you have been awarded a scholarship. You must first score well on the ACT and TOEFL exams, and if you do, we will assist you in applying for scholarships at US.

US schools decide on a case-by-case basis what costs the scholarship will cover and what they will not cover.

Find it at:

Self-funded programs for studying oversea

Study Abroad Center
093 900 280/093 900 740/ 093 900 174

If you are students, you may be wishing to study abroad, yet do you have sufficient information? Do you have anyone helping and consulting you? Do you know where can you find information and get a professional and personal helper? Stop thinking of all these questions, Study Abroad Center at CAM-ASEAN provides one-stop services to all its students and the public. With our partners such as EF, Excel English, London School of English, Academic Summer UK, Cambridge Academy of English, students can almost go to


Chao Yivfak, 17 (Studying in EF Sydney)

study anywhere around the world. We help students starting from application, admission, visa, health insurance, accommodation, flight, departure orientation and others. Students can go on programs starting from one week to weeks, three to nine months or beyond. Students can choose the following programs: (1) language programs


Ms. Voeuk Sunny, Studied at London

such as adult and young learners, professional & exam courses, junior intensive language program, (2) degree programs such as BA & Pre-BA, MA & Pre-MBA, Ph.D & Pre-Ph.D, Diploma in Business and (3) Internship and volunteers oversea. Why wait? Why dream? Come and experience what Study Abroad has to offer.

CAM-ASEAN is to host “Major Orientation 2017”

Dahlia Phalla
Approximately 100,000 students graduate from


on major selection and the prospects of employment market.

high schools across the country every year, most of whom decide to pursue their higher or technical education.
Major selection is one of the dilemmas they face at this stage. Some choose to study what they like, yet some simply follow their friends or parent’s wish. At this significant turning point in life, they must need a proper orientation

from experts, successful people, career advisers or at least instructors.
For these reasons, CAM-ASEAN together with its Student Union and Center for ASEAN Studies has taken the lead in running an annual seminar about the “Major Orientation”

since 2015. This year, it is going to conduct again on 30 September 2017 at CJCC and the theme will be “Majors & Employm- ent Market in Cambodia & ASEAN.” It will bring together successful people , experts, and professional consultants to enlighten

“Choosing a

major is

choosing your life direction”

All participants should be high school graduates, freshmen and sophomore whose age is between 17 to 25 years old and must pick up the tickets at CAM-ASEAN before 30 September, 2017.

Partners of Study Abroad Center


EF founded in 1965 and now has 532 offices and schools in 116 countries.




Cambridge Academy of English founded in 1975 and is in London, England.




Academic Summer UK is based at DLD College in London (on Left) and The London School of English founded in 1912, based in London (right). They offer English programs.


London School of English founded in 1912 and it is in the UK.






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