CAM-ASEAN organized a field trip to Phnom Penh Safari

CAM-ASEAN organized a field trip for our young learners to Phnom Penh Safari

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, Cambodia-ASEAN International School’s Young Learner Program organized a field trip for our young learners to Phnom Penh Safari where they were exposed to scientific designs and animals including native and exotic wildlife. We observed that this educational trip offered students an opportunity to build a closer relationship with their classmates, experienced new environments and enjoyed a day away from the classroom.




During the trip, students were intrigued by the lives and welfare of animals at the zoo as their faces light up while pointing to each animal in excitement. Students used all of their senses to absorb the surroundings and expanded their understanding of those animals and the environment.away from the classroom. While exploring the zoo, children went on a wild adventure full of running around, asking questions and engaging in storytelling.  Va Mongkulpanha, one of our YLP students, said,


Students understanding of those animals


“This is my first time being at a zoo and it is absolutely amazing. I have learned the way some animals smell, the sounds they make and what they look like.”


No matter how much young learners learned during the trip, their favorite memories may be based on the amusement of the day. Miss Morn Tevy, an assistant to YLP teachers has mentioned that getting away from school for a day or even half a day is always exciting for students, and I believe that educational trips are always highly anticipated. Students will have fun with their friends and they also may return to the classroom with a renewed focus on the schoolwork. 




Cambodia-ASEAN International School Young Learner Program is proud of the opportunity to groom your children for ASEAN through enabling them to practice their social skills and critical thinking abilities outside of the controlled class setting.


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